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Raw Monday


The Feud between two fighters

The reigning WWE champ John Cena as the"raw strength" man, tough with an extraordinary stamina... and Shawn Michaels the veteran, more experienced wrestler and a better technicien but defeated in Wrestlemania 23, enable to take the WWE title from Cena ,
Both of them born fighters stopping to fight only where there are completely out..

"loved calling the Cena-Michaels match Monday night and thought both men stepped up big time... This was definitely one of the best matches I can recall the WWE presenting on Raw in recent memory, and no other match off the top of my head sticks out like this one. My hat is off to both men..." Jim Ross

Well, there's really nothing to talk about tonight except the best TV match the WWE's probably ever put on. Cena and HBK went for 57 minutes and worked about three or four different matches within that time span, and none of it was advertised. It was all a complete surprise.
... In all honesty, anyone that says John Cena can't wrestle and or doesn't have a deep move set is flat out, a helmet wearing, drooling, mentally retarded idiot. That was a completely fantastic match and was better than their WM match. In fact, it was about four different matches within the hour time span. It reminded me A LOT of the Samoa Joe-CM Punk matches the way it played out, with HBK completely frustrated and subdued with headlocks. The whole match was awesome...

After a humiliating painful defeat for his pride in Wrestlemania 23 the veteran technician wrestler Shawn Michaels wants his revenge against the WWE World Champion John Cena!
I will make you regret to have been born, my boy!

I will humiliate you in a way you could not stand in a ring anymore!

Untill now Shawn Michaels had always take a big advantage in the early going of each match between the two wrestlers... Shawn Michaels utilizing his superior speed and technique tried to manhandle John Cena in series of armbars and chinlocks.

......The bell rang and the two circled it up. HBK grabbed a knuckle lock and used his shoulder to hammer away at Cena's left arm. Michaels grabbed a fireman's carry take down and Cena escaped and we've got a stalemate.

Cena counterattacked with
...But tonight the reaction of John Cena free of the pressure of his WWE title's challenge was very different. He didn't hesitate to counterattack Shawn Michaels with headscissors, attempting even several times to put him in his killer STF-U forcing a furious Shawn Michaels to run away!!

...The two locked up again and HBK grabbed a head lock. Michaels skated around Cena's body and grabbed a hammer lock before Cena threw him off. Michaels was frustrated and Cena was smiling.
The two locked up again and HBK grabbed another arm wringer. HBK flipped Cena over and went for a quick cover and used the kick out to grab another armbar. Cena countered out and went for a quick STFU and HBK frantically escaped...
Just escape
HBK grabbed another side headlock Cena tossed HBK off the ropes and hit a drop toe hold and looked for another STFU and again, Michaels, frustrated, escaped. Michaels is really starting to get frustrated. Cena kept smiling and pointing to his head.
Y'ou are
running away
big man!
Next time
it will be
the good one!

...HBK grabbed a go behind and Cena struggled a bit to undo the hold. Cena grabbed the go behind and went for another STFU and again, Michaels escaped and Michaels was looking almost helplessly over matched. Michaels got in Cena's face and shoved him while Cena smiled. HBK smacked Cena but then got decked. Michaels flopped back into the corner and was fuming while trying to collect his senses....

Two fighters challenging each other!
A very strong Cena locked Shawn Michaels ' head in a side headlock with all his strength forcing his challenger down on the mat...many counts down and opposing all Michaels 's tentative to free himself with big clotheslines that splashed Shawn Michaels on the mat ready for new pins falls!

The two locked up again and Cena took HBK over with a side headlock. Cena was able to hang onto the hold while HBK couldn't counter out. HBK tried to send Cena off the ropes but Cena held onto the hold. Wow, this is awesome. Cena took HBK over again and got a near fall out of it and was clearly and completely out wrestling Shawn Michaels. HBK fought to his feet and desperately attempted to break the hold. HBK finally broke the hold with some punches but completely ate a Cena shoulder block and then found himself right back in the head lock.

John Cena dictating the pace!

Series of near falls!


Cena rolled Michaels over again, maintaining control with the head lock and almost grabbing another near fall. This is almost like WM 23 in reverse. HBK began punching out again and sent Cena off the ropes and went for an arm drag and the got F-ING DECAPITATED by a Cena lariat. Cena got a near fall and then went right back to the head lock.

Big clotheslines...
Counts down
Near falls...
and Cena attacked again locking Shawn Michaels in
a new chinlock!

HBK again used punches to the gut to toss Cena off and finally hit a reverse elbow and floored the champion.

A big elbow blow
took his breath out of Cena throwing him on his back into the mat...

Shawn Michaels' big chops

...Shawn Michaels counterattacked with series of terrific chops on the chest that took all his breath from Cena'burning chest challenging his stamina!!...

Michaels slammed Cena's head into the buckles and chopped him before slamming Cena off the other buckle and landing another chop. Michaels hit some clubbing blows to Cenafs back and then landed a third chop.

big boy!
It's just the beginning!

John Cena back in the game!
Michaels threw Cena in the turnbuckle and ran to splash Cena's body against the pole but John Cena welcomed him with a drop kick in the head followed by a terrific clothesline hurling Shawn to the ground ready for a cover and a pin fall! One...Two...

Cenafs right back to that head lock.

Shawn Michaels escaped but to be splashed again by big clotheslines and just escaping a FU, by jumping outside the ring!

HBK, a little quicker than last time, was able to fight out of the hold, but Cena flattened him with another shoulder block. HBK stumbled to his feet and looked for sweet chin music out of nowhere, but Cena held up and back dropped the veteran to the floor. Michaels is beside himself, completely unable to get anything going and for the first time in maybe a decade, overmatched completely.

"You're lucky to escape
big man!"


We came back to some more Cena head lock action. Michaels broke the hold all dirty and chopped Cena in the corner. A frustrated Shawn Michaels attacked with a big blow on Cena's belly. The force and the velocity of the belly buster almost doubling John Cena gasping in agony! Then followed new series of knife edge chops in the chest, elbowsmashes in the head that seems to take away all Cena's stamina.

HBK began showing a little attitude and hit a back elbow to Cena's face. HBK hit a snap mare take over and booted Cena right in the face. Wow, the crowd's beginning to heel on him. Michaels hammered Cena's head into the corner and let loose two chops.
A stunned John Cena fell on his knee and was slammed by Michaels on the mat where he was stompped in the face by a furious Shawn Michaels!
John Cena



Some big blows' exchanges and Cena retook the advantage!
Cena began fighting back and grabbed the headlock but itfs not working now. HBK came bounding off the ropes looking for a cross body block but got caught in mid air by Cena and front slammed hard to the mat for a near fall.


Cena reaction was tremendous! In a formidable demonstration of raw strength, blocking in his arms a powerbombing Shawn Michaels surging from the ropes , he powerbomb slammed at his turn Michaels in the mat locking him in a pin fall! One...Two.. and a half! Shawn Michaels escaped shortly from the fall!

Cena hit the whip to the buckles and fisherman buster combo for yet another near fall. Cena waited for HBK to rise to his feet, coiled and ready to strike. Cena hit a boot to the gut and his flipping face buster for a two count. Cenafs beginning to get a little frustrated.

...Followed a Suplex...a new cover... a two counts again ...Then taking a run up from the ropes John Cena grabbed Shawn Michaels ' head from behind and bulldogged Michaels driving his face first into the mat where she crashed with a sickening impact! A stunned Michaels was again covered and counted down! One...two...and a half! In extremis Shawn Michaels freed himself...

Michaels and Cena stood toe to toe, exchanging strikes before Cena dumped Michaels to the mat with a back body drop. Cena made an exhausted cover attempt but Michaels kicked out.

Shawn Michaels tried to counterattack again with some of his devastating chops on the chest ...

But John Cena was still dictating the pace with a big reverse slam then a near count down that seemed leaving Shawn Michaels deeply exhausted!
Come on
big man !
you have


Cena went for a vertical suplex but HBK fought out and hit a beautiful swinging neck breaker. However, HBK was too exhausted from the punishment to really follow it up.

But Shawn Michaels is not a pushover and Cena may be too confident . As Cena was attempting on him a supplex, he jumped out then with a speed of a light kicked Cena's belly, grabbed Cena's head and downed John Cena with a terrific perfectly applied Neck Breaker! Cena's head first hurt the mat with a sickening impact. Cena's body bounced then Cena laid limp on the mat motionneless!
Two exhausted wrestlers
for the first time of the fight a stunned John Cena!

The two exchanged some strikes before Michaels came flying off the ropes with his flying forearm. Both men are laid out on the mat. Michaels nipped up at six and went into his victory sequence. HBK connected with a body slam before landing the top rope elbow.

..."Stamina man"Shawn Michaels seemed reviving and with a tremendous strength and speed began to work John Cena over with his classic wrestling arsenal : knife-edge Chops , Power bomb, Atomic drop, body slam, diving splash, + a back pin... John Cena looks completely lost, overwhelmed !...

John Cena screaming in pain at each Michaels'chops painful impact!
A dazed John Cena not knowing anymore where he was and what he could do to escape the manhandling he was submitted!

...HBK began to tune up the band in the corner. Cena saw it coming and came with a clothesline but was almost caught in a back slide. Cena kicked out and both came bounding off the ropes at each other before Michaels ducked under a completely wild Cena shoulder block attempt. The Champion missed by a mile and went clattering to the outside...Cena was twisting on the ground like a mad man under an intolerable pain rubbing his aching belly!...

. Michaels went for a plancha but CENA CAUGHT HIM in mid air. HBK fought out and tossed Cena into the ring steps...

But the champ is tough. He got up on his feet just to block up in his arms in a tremendous demonstration of power a flying Shawn Michaels from the top ropes of the ring ! Both are laid out on the outside of the ring... John Cena loaded up Michaels on his shoulders but the veteran wrestler managed to slide back behind him and pushed him violently into the steel ringsteps where Cena clashed with a terrible noice! The two exhausted wrestlers were now lying stunned on the floor!...

BHK's armbar variation

...Michaels was working Cenafs left side and arm, capitalizing on the whip to the ring steps. Michaels grabbed a hammer lock and sent the champion careening into the ring post shoulder first. Cena tumbled out of the ring and was writhing in pain on the outside of the ring. Um, this match is officially 30 minutes old. That's an eternity for TV...

John Cena
in pain!

...HBK jerked Cena's arm across the top rope while the Champion paced around on the ring apron. Michaels brought him back into the ring and began yanking, twisting and landing on Cena's injured arm in any way he possibly could. HBK tried to leverage the hold for a cover attempt on two occasions, but Cena was able to kick out. Michaels drove some knees into Cena's left arm. Now it's looking like Cena can't use the STFU or the FU. Cena fought back but missed with an elbow...

Cena was in jeopardy! defenceless in Shawn Michael's arms! The veteran wrestler Michaels knew very well how to exploite the injuries of others and he didn't spare John Cena torturing Cena's arm without restraint. He was twisting and bending Cena's arms around like he was wringing a towel! Feeling his arm torn out of his socket a suffering John Cena was crying out in agony begging for mercy from Shawn Michaels who continued to twist, bend, and pull on his trapped arm, pinning him for the three counts! Cena looked like he was in the worst pain of his life, like he couldn't barely stand the agony for an other second!...
...HBK tried to capitalize again before Cena went into victory sense. His selling of the shoulder is awesome here, writhing in pain but going through with the move anyways. Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle and looked for the FU. Cena looked for the FU but Michaels ducked out and went for sweet chin music. Michaels went for sweet chin music but Cena ducked under it and hit the FU. Cena went for the cover but HBK KICKS OUT!!...

... But the champ was the tougher man of "Raw"! He seemed now to rise from the dead and willing to give to Shawn Michaels his last count down! Body slam, Power Bomb, Clotheslines... Then John Cena favourite throw back slam...His usual appeal to the public : "The champ is here", the"Can you see my face" and the five-knuckle shuffle on the head, last preparation before the F.U. and the three counts!...

"five knuckle shuffle"

...Then Cena went for the F.U! John Cena loaded Shawn Michaels' body in a standing fireman'carry takeover to flip Michaels on his back into the mat for the three count cover! Michaels first slipped clear from the FU but was immediately reloaded on Cena shoulders! Shawn Michaels's body flied over before crashing on the mat with a loud sound! John Cena locked Shawn Michaels'body for the tree counts!...



Shawn Michaels escaping shortly from a deadly fall!


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