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...John Cena was now leading the show. He missed just the fall in his attempt FU and was well decided to exploite his still stunned challenger's weaknesses. SHAWN MICHAELS WAS WELL AT HIS HANDS unable to resist much him at least for the moment...

By the way, we've just passed 35 minutes in this match. Cena's apparently been killing HBK's back over the break. Cena tossed Michaels to the floor like last week's garbage before ramming his back into the ring apron and tossing him right back into the ring. It took everything Michaels had to kick out of the cover attempt. Cena began HAMMERING away at the back of Shawn Michaels before looking for another vertical suplex. Cena powered Michaels over despite Michaels trying to dead weight himself. HBK kicked out of yet another cover attempt...

...Then picking him up in his arms John Cena crashed Michaels'body into the steelpole! Shawn Michaels' body fell down against the ring's side...
John Cena scooped him up again into the ring for a near attempt fall! One...Two...Michaels managed again to escape!
Cena knew his challenger thoughness but was still astonished by it! He has to weaken Shawn more if he wanted to go towards a definitive conclusion!

...Cena bore in with a bear hug. Now Cenafs dipping deep into that move set people say he apparently doesn't have. Cena was not hoping to force Shawn Michaels in submission with his
bear hug but it was a very spectacular hold and knowing his strength he was confident that it was the way for weakening considerably his challenger!...
...Cena's bear hug was indeed very effective and Shawn Michaels suffering a lot squeezed by
Cena 's strong arms!...
But HBK's body 's very hard . He was not surnamed BHK for nothing. A big chops on Cena's back got himself free from Cena's squeeze...
...Michaels began hammering desperately on Cena's back and barely managed to escape the hold. Shawn Michaels was driving again Cena's body against the ropes tormenting him with his big, very painful chops on the chest!

Michaels went for a whip but the move was reversed and HBK crashed into the buckles, getting dumped upside down, over the top rope and to the floor. Were past 40 minutes.

It was the occasion that John Cena was looking for to terminate the fight with a lethal hold!
...Cena went to the top rope and hit his wild looking leg drop but Michaels still, still,
still found a way to kick out...
One...Two... Cena only able to score a two-count!
John Cena was indeed again frustrated by the incredible Shawn Michaels' stamina! This diving leg drop bulldog was supposed to be decisive!

...Cena turned to the announce table and with a smirk on his face, shook his head and asked them what it was going to take. Cena perched HBK on the top rope. Cena lofted HBK up on his shoulders looking for a top rope FU but HBK wiggled out and hit a freaking CRAZY power bomb. Jesus, this is incredible...

FU ATTEMPT in the ropes
...But Shawn Michaels transformed the supposed lethal FU in a terrifing power bomb slam. Thrown with a extreme violence Cena's body hurt the mat with a sickening impact. Cena was lying once more dazed. realising with difficulty was what happening to him!

Both men are laid out in the middle of the ring. HBK staggered towards Cena but the champ popped to life out of nowhere and clipped the leg, looking for the STFU. HBK kicked Cena off to the ring apron and shoulder blocked Cena off the ring apron and on to the announce table.

Two exhausted wrestlers putting all their remaining forces for a hurry conclusion!

...HBK broke the referees count intentionally before bumbling out to the ringside area. Michaels put aside the top part of the steel ringsteps then dragged John Cena back up on his feet, drove him on the top of the ringsteps and went for a freaking pile driver on the ring steps reminding us the way he had stunned Cena in their last fight in Wrestlemania! But John Cena also remembered and his back was tremendously strong.. Cena blocked the move and back dropped Michaels to the floor. Cena rolled into the ring as we headed to commercial. Welcome to 45 minutes.

An exhausted John Cena was now desesperate to conclude! He drove back Shawn Michaels into the ring then locked him in his killer devastating STF-U!

...Literally we went from black screen to Cena and HBK rolling over the announce table beating the F__K out of each other! Cena tossed HBK back into the ring and finally slapped on the STFU. Cena's got Michaels cinched in HARD. The move actually looks incredible and Michaels'selling is phenomenal. We're at 50 freaking'minutes.
Michaels, with no wrist tape on and covered in sweat, with a desperate reach, grabbed
the bottom rope...

John Cena's strength was phenomenal. Few men had escaped from his terrific STF-U squeeze and Shawn Michaels for having being submitted a week ago in Wrestlemania 23 in the same way by the same Cena knew that he has only few seconds to try to escape the hold before being obliged to give up!
It was for Shawn Michaels a question of honor! His pride could not allowed him to lose this fight. In a desesperate attempt he succeeded to size the ring 's rope. He was safe. At least for the moment!

Cena was just slumped over and was in complete kill mode. Michaels stumbled to his feet and almost hit sweet chin music but Cena barely caught it and went for an FU. Michaels wiggled out and this time, planted Cena right in the face with sweet chin music. Cena KICKS OUT!! The London crowd are eating their poopie.

...After his near fall in the STF-U, thinking that the fight was now close to the end , a full confident John Cena got closer to finish off Shawn Michaels. Then the unexpected "switch and music" came out! With lightening speed Shawn's foot hurt John Cena's head's side taking off Cena's light! A big white flash exploded in his head. He felt his legs gave way beneath him and a searing pain run througth out his body when he hurt the mat! Like in a slow motion John Cena had fallen straight on the mat. KO! or near. His face'side where he has received the kick was soaring a lot and by contraste was helping him to keep a vague consciousness of what was happening...
...Shawn Michaels still dazed by the STF-U took time to go to cover Cena's body for a fall, and when Cena felt Shawn Michaels on his chest for the pin instinctively he extanded his left arm towards the ropes to avoid the fall! John Cena's hands in a ultime effort grabbed the ring's rope escaping shortly a pin fall!...
...But John Cena was deeply hurt! In fact He will never recover. The fight was already finished for him!...

Both oozed up the corner buckles as HBK managed to lay in some extremely weak and sloppy chops. HBK went for a whip but Cena reversed him and sent him reeling into the turnbuckles. HBK flipped upside down and rebounded out. Cena scooped up HBK for the FU but HBK FLIPPED OUT AND HIT SWEET CHIN MUSIC! A cover attempt later, Michaels is your winner.

A series of big chops in the ropes was taking away all the stamina left in an already dying John Cena!


...After near one hour of fight, a first switch and music down and this last body's chops beating John Cena has just the strength left to load on his shoulder Shawn Michaels but no more the stamina to conclude victoriously his FU. His slam was lacking of strength. John Michaels landed on his feet and immediately retaliated with a second lightspeedy beauteous "switch and mucic"that took off John Cena light, this time definitively! Again like in a slow motion film Cena fell like a felled tree straight on the mat. KO! ...
One...Two...Three...It was definitively Over!

Winner: Shawn Michaels via pin fall

HBK knelt down to Cena and took the WWE Championship and posed with it before draping it across Cena's waste and giving him a esuck itf as we went off the air.

When Cena regained consiousness he remembered first the white flash in his head then the black hole! He didn't recalled at all the way he came down or the pain of his body hurting the mat ...!
He has a big headache , was like in a fog and when he opened his eyes he saw the vague shading face of Shawn Michaels leaning over him who where speaking to him but he could not understand clearly what he was saying! What a KO, he thought. He havn't been in such a situation since a very long time!
"I told you before. You'll never see my foot coming on your face. Now look at you !
I told you I'm the better men! "


Shawn Michaels was tonight the winner but could anybody says that he was the"better man"?
"loved calling the Cena-Michaels match Monday night and thought both men stepped up big time... This was definitely one of the best matches I can recall the WWE presenting on Raw in recent memory, and no other match off the top of my head sticks out like this one. My hat is off to both men..." Jim Ross

...You know, I know people are sick of John Cena's act. But honestly, if you're denying this guy is at LEAST one of the top three wrestlers in the world right now, you're out of your mind. Tonight he executed. It doesn't matter how many moves you do, it matters how you do them. Tonight gave fans their cake and let them eat it too. He went super deep into his move set. Every move was well done. It's Cena's best in ring performance ever. I'm sorry, but I've loved every second of John Cena post-December. The Edge match on Raw during that month, the NY Revolution set up with Umaga to the Last Man Standing match which is a legit MOTD candidate for me, to the great performance at No Way Out, to the Wrestlemania 23 main event with Shawn Michaelsc. And now this. Fans should respect John Cena. They don't have to like him, but they damn well should respect him. April 2007 WW.WRESTLEVIEW

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